Technorati Streetwalking – The Haiku

Ku-Less: Technorati Streetwalking

This is another one that was Spoiler Alert: Redundancy during the reboot.  Rather than drop it I decided it served a purpose in the whole Ku-niverse. What exactly the purpose is I have no idea. Should I really be sweating that Just Jared is 30,000 points ahead of us? I slapped together a quickie back alley Photoshop and Haiku to drop it in Tech. Actually, two Haikus. Double Down. Now what street corner are you going to find that deal on?



****          ****         ****

Technorati Streetwalking- The Haikus


Back Alley Blogging 

Information Super High

Looking for a Hit


Or try this on for a webcrawl:

\’fiv\ \siks\ [duhb-uh’]-yoo

\fohr\ \bee\ \cee\ \cee\ \eych\ \cee\ \ef\

\ef\ \three\  – now hit me!



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  1. Honesty- If you are going to show a little leg to the search engines – why bother hiding the Internet whoring? 🙂

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