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Ku-Less: Hai World! – August The Middle

At this week’s table meeting, The KuJo decided to celebrate by counting our readers on our fingers and a modicum of toes. We also figured it would be nice to keep you, our literally digitized followers, in the know of what is going on in the Hai Kulture world.


Introducing: Hai World! – What’s Happening at The Bubblegum Nightclub.


We are still mucking about in background of the web build. You will see some changes in the next few weeks and bear with the smudgy fingerprints of error as we jigsaw this together. We are hoping to have a professional build by the end of the month. As mostly Arts and English majors, HTML and CSS are an alphabet soup to MFAs. Our skills range from ‘On Button-This?’ to “How can I Google ‘Why is my screen blue and frozen?’ when my screen is blue and frozen?” It is much like those bread board electronic kits Radio Shack used to peddle before they needed a passport for batteries. After six hours, a resistor under the fingernail, and several inadvertent bouts of mild electroshock therapy for ages 8-12 – we can make that little red light in the corner flicker.

If one poorly cobbled together secret tree fort on the Web wasn’t enough – Hai Kulture will be announcing The KuJo’s The Bubblegum Nightclub blog in the coming weeks. The Bubblegum Nightclub: The In-Your-FaceSpace anti-Social Networking network powered by KuJo.  (I honestly have no idea what that means and was barely able to read the scrawl on the Post-It passed to me.) This should be interesting…

Coming Kummentary for the next week or so include:


Here we are now, going to..

The Darkside – The Haiku

 Joy riding with Moby and taking in the sights of Intergalactic Hubris.




Dial EVIL for E

Our Interwebby Personality, Hai, takes a stand against the prefix ‘e-‘

That’s e-ronic!


 To Jump or not to Jump, that is the Shark

 Seward hasn’t shaved in two days and has dubbed his  sabbatical – Investigative Blogalism.

Trope springs eternal!



Technorati Streetwalking – The Haiku

Ku-Less: Technorati Streetwalking

This is another one that was Spoiler Alert: Redundancy during the reboot.  Rather than drop it I decided it served a purpose in the whole Ku-niverse. What exactly the purpose is I have no idea. Should I really be sweating that Just Jared is 30,000 points ahead of us? I slapped together a quickie back alley Photoshop and Haiku to drop it in Tech. Actually, two Haikus. Double Down. Now what street corner are you going to find that deal on?



****          ****         ****

Technorati Streetwalking- The Haikus


Back Alley Blogging 

Information Super High

Looking for a Hit


Or try this on for a webcrawl:

\’fiv\ \siks\ [duhb-uh’]-yoo

\fohr\ \bee\ \cee\ \cee\ \eych\ \cee\ \ef\

\ef\ \three\  – now hit me!



Hai Kulture: Coming July 2011 (ummm..endish?) -The Haiku

Hai Kulture: Coming July 2011 (ummm..endish?) -The Haiku

While ‘Tronning’ [1] the site for the Hai Kulture 2.0 reboot, I debated chucking this in the electronic scrap drawer. What’s the point of reading a post about not posting on a blog that at the time was not blog? I can’t answer that. And as we speak (well-as I type then you read …eventually…please…?) I have a huge scary WordPress tome on my lap and I feel sexy. Bottom line: I just like the ‘Tag’ about ‘The Bible as a weapon’…so it stays!


****        ****          ****


Flow – O Swift Sarcasm!

(Alas – this foul WordPress ™ book-

three-hundred page plod)


WordPress books are a drag…


I don’t mind being a creative person. I have enough years under the belt to come to terms with the inherent mood swing-set insanity, the poor clothing choices, and the need to sleep until clocks sweep into sweet double digits that come with the territory. I don’t even mind that my particular Muse decides to punch her time card well past midnight. In fact, I decided to ‘blog’ to give her a late night kiddie pool of muddy stream of consciousness run-off to splash around in while I creatively ‘don’t kiss the Morpheus.’


WordPress books just put me to sleep…


So, at least I’ll sleep well until I actually create the blog.


And that- that’s what irony is all about, Ms. Morissette.


Now, I by no means want to suggest that the two particular WordPress books I’m using are lacking, or even foul, as I poetically licensed. They are invaluable resources; technology just burns like a thousand suns.


(Ok-Beginning WordPress 3 frightens me a little. It’s like a Bible. It is Gutenberg thick and imposing – like a Bible. It could kill a small child if it fell a short distance – like a Bible. When I hold it, I feel vaguely uncomfortable – like a Bible. When I open it and try to read it, I get confused – like a Bible.)


(Honestly, I really should crack it open and put it to some use before the zombies come…)


(…like a Bible.)


Sams Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 minutes is an amazing resource. (I wouldn’t be changing font sizes, let alone writing this, without it.) It literally teaches WordPress functionality in informative 10 minute lessons.


6,000 of them.


(I’m no Mathlete, but even I should have realized anything with 200 odd pages doesn’t equate with 10 minute insta-knowledge.)


Tonight’s lesson is ‘Colors’; I am very excited!


Hopefully, I will soon be able to do something about that tree… [2] [3]


—Hai Kulture






Meta-Notoriety    (↵ returns to text)
  1. ‘Tronning’ (def) Hai’s self appointed ‘trope’ for becoming one with technology or ‘getting her tech on’. These vast feats of wizardry range from turning on an I-Phone to breaking back end code at 3am and causing a log-in shut out error loop. She also considers playing Angry Birds tronning and will kick you square in the face if you bother her.  
  2. Twenty-Ten Theme. Chopp’d.
  3. With the sincerest of thanks to Beginning WordPress 3 (Stephanie Leary) and Sams Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes (Chuck Tomasi. Kreg Steppe). They are very, very, very helpful WordPress start-up resources. Also a shout-out to WordPress 3 Complete (April Hodge Silver). It has been living in a bag by the futon for a few weeks, but looks very informative.

    (Now=Sexy) — Hai 😉 )


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