Thank Kus

Just a few kudos

For those who help bring about

Our many Ku-don’ts




Firstly, our thanks go to you Dear Reader – yes – YOU!


  • Just reading – of course.
  • And commenting on the good and the bad. We’ll take them both because there you have the facts of blog.
  • And ‘Like’-ing us on the FaceSpace ™  since there isn’t a ‘Looooooove!’ button
  • And burning our Feed like an O’Leary cow
  • And getting all a Twitter about us
  • And Google +1-ing us like…ummm…a….well it just helps without a decent simile
  • And telling your friends – they will probably buy you something out of gratitude!
  • And getting us a book deal! 🙂

(We can’t really buy you something out of gratitude-but someone should. They really should because you-you are awesome!)

Seriously, all that stuff is really nice of you, but mostly thank you for reading, especially if you make it all the way down to the footnotes.

‘Haikus with footnotes??’ you say-well you haven’t been reading.

Get reading! There’s some good stuff in there!

Anyway, we hope you have a few laughs at our expense. Now if you will excuse us, we have to give thanks to a few other people.

Let the confetti of gratefulness fly!


Zack Mentz – for Interwebby Superhighway road mapping

Cait O’Driscoll – for editorial head shaking

Maggie Mayy Graphics – for that last bit in the name there

TeeCee – for sitting down a spell

Young Francesca Staffieri – for photoy & arty things

Sandra Marshall – for deft MS Paintery

A certain dolphin girl for being rife with inspirational dolphinity

Beardo – for something apparently non-specific







Still here?

Wow! …

I thought no one ever read ‘Thank You’ pages.

Gold Star.


…and thank you 🙂

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