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Lil Miss Kujo

Hai Kulture: Our Interwebby Presence

Hai is our meta-avatar and voice of  ‘The Kujo’ Collective. Our resident Ghost in the Machine, Hai, is Editor-on-Web, answers site e-mails, twits our tweets, and makes a cup of tea during the long dark tea time of the soul. No one can control the Hai hive mind as she prances and twirls along the Information Supra Highway, the hostess to our Bubblegum Nightclub.

HAI is our HAL, but with fewer creepy “good morning”s and only the occasional attempt at death by oxygen deprivation.

We love her dearly for that.

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Seward aka 'PepperJack'

David Seward: ‘PepperJack’

Seward lives in a semi-writery city, lives a semi-writery lifestyle, and on occasion tries to live off of semi-writery published works. He has taken a train to a more writery city to see what that’s all about and vacations in less writery climes. He has attempted stand-up/sit-down/lay-fetal comedy and performs improv more than he thinks is healthy. He got his start in first grade with a five sentence essay entitled ‘When I grow up I want to be Dick van Dyke’ and performed a pratfall that got him sent to the nurses office. Things haven’t really been right since.

He thinks he should mention a cat at this point, as more-writey people are apt to do in these bios, but als, he doesn’t have one. He’s never really at home and fears his apartment would go on record as the world’s largest Schroedinger’s Box.d

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(more to come) [1]




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  1. An open letter to The Kujo:

    Please start turning in your bios and articles!


    Don’t make me cut you!

    —Love, Hai

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